A downloadable game for Windows

Tactical turn-based combat with a cynical plotline borrowing from Metal GearArmored Core, and Ace Combat games.

Attacks are split between Scratch Damage and Real Damage, like Resonance of Fate. Take advantage of Break and Formation commands to control the altitude of your squadron, react to engine stalls, and find the best way to counter intelligent enemies.

Fly any combination of high-tech aircraft you've unlocked, face off against arrogant ace pilots and superweapons.

Keep an eye on the weather, too. Different weather conditions affect accuracy, and thunderstorms bring their own dangers...


  • Arrow Keys: adjust selection/targets
  • Z: confirm
  • X: cancel
  • Escape: pause

See text document in the .ZIP file for music credits.

Install instructions

  • Download .ZIP file
  • Extract all files inside
  • Run .EXE file


warbywire_experimentalbuild.zip 8 MB
warbywire_build_01.zip 8 MB

Development log


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I'd like to get some tutorial in order to fully understand what I'm doing. Especially according to the "break" and "formation" commands.

It's a well done demo nevertheless.