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After a bout of motivation, SAPROPHYTE is now playable start to finish. It always was a simple project, but please excuse any brevity due to me diving back into old garbage code when I already forgot how I set up all kinds of stuff.

Thread: https://itch.io/t/687239/saprophyte-8bit-sci-fi-stealth-horror-hide-seek




plural noun: saprophytes

  1. a plant, fungus, or microorganism that lives on dead or decaying organic matter.


[Arrow Keys] - Move

[Z] - Fire (if you have anything to fire...)

[X] - Interact

[R] - Restart





Inspired by Zygote (Oats Studios), The Thing, Alien, etc... and graphically inspired by Laser Squad for the Spectrum.

Install instructions

  • Unzip both files
  • Run .EXE


SAPROPHYTE_FinalBuild01.zip 3 MB
SAP_ArtAssets.zip 56 kB

Development log


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The game's atmosphere reminds me of amnesia the dark descent!  Well done!

Thanks :D

Who doesn't like a nice bit of being helpless and trapped alone with a fleshy abomination?


Very cool concept and environment. Keep it going man!

Thanks :D


Saw this on Alpha Beta Gamer's channel, this is amazing. We need a full game, pronto.

(Also, I would really like to adapt your game into a tabletop adventure if you would allow it)


:) I'm very curious about how a tabletop adaptation might work


Finalised build w/ many bugfixes is available :)

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You rock! Thank you for your hard work!

My plan for a tabletop adaptation would be to make an adventure based on the existing game, compatible with 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. I'm not sure how familiar you are with DnD but I can see all the ways your game and DnD would mesh!

I might've already cobbled together a Saprophyte stat block for player encounters ;)

Next step is for me to make a game-accurate map of the Talisman for players to refer to! Got my jumbo grid out and ready to copy from the latest Alpha Beta Gamer vid!


saw this on alpha beta gamer's channel. unfortunately i'm on linux so can't play it myself, but this project looks really interesting. i love the monster design and the atmosphere you've made, good stuff!

There seems to be a crash bug. When you trigger the station's self-destruct, the game suffers a fatal error.

Thanks for the heads-up, and for trying it out :) I also should have removed the Rifle pickup right at the beginning...

I can iron those bugs out if I ever pick this up again


No worries! I saw this on Alpha Beta Gamer's Youtube channel and decided to give it a try. Looks pretty fun, all things considered!

Should be all fixed now :)


Downloading! Thanks for the fixes!

Trying to self destruct for me did not throw an error, but if you did it while the system is off you can't escape the menu and you have to restart.