A downloadable game for Windows

Defending your sacred homeland? Fighting off the invading mercenaries?

No. You command the gold-hungry mercenaries!

Hire troop squads, heroes, and siege engines, and conquer the land of Varene... or grind at the local Arena until you can promote all your units (Fire Emblem style) and cheese all the fights.


  • Weapon Triangle (Infantry>Artillery>Armor>Infantry)
  • Front and back rows (like Final Fantasy 1)
  • 15 Unit Classes to hire (more if you manage to Promote)
  • Dynamic weather system
  • EXP and Levels per Unit
  • Varied Skills for every Unit Class
  • Promotion of max-level Units into more powerful or advanced forms
  • Mostly competent enemy AI
  • Whipping! Whip your Units to make them hit harder, at only a slight HP cost...


Warlord_00_build.zip 5 MB


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Great turn based combats and cool art! I'm still getting used to the different units, but this looks promising. Is this the final game or only part of something bigger?