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SIEGE OF OSAKA is a retro hybrid of Beat-em-up and Brick Breaker. Send enemy ninja rolling into walls and fortifications to bring down their castles. Localized/parodied for American audiences.


  • Arrows/D-Pad/Stick: Move
  • Z Key/A Button: Attack
  • X Key/B Button: Shuriken


Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker, Adobe Photoshop
TagsArcade, arkanoid, Beat 'em up, Breakout, mashup, Ninja, Pixel Art, Retro, samurai, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


SiegeOfOsaka_release.zip 4 MB

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loved the game! the hitbox for my attacks were really strange, but an awesome concept, definetly what the beat em up genre needed


this is so great, so great. I'm definately going to check all your other games out right now




Nice and funny game!


Made a video


Great and very fun retro style game. 


A Fun and silly game with some of the best localization I

have ever seen!

I hope they add John Samurai to the Smash Bros roster.

Then they'd have another sword-user, fans would complain :P


This is a crazy high-quality game, love the sprite work and the CRT shader is put to good use here. Keep it up!


You're a beast putting out all these games.   Keep up the grind and remember us fans when you make it big time!

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Awesome game. Love the mechanics in play and the overall presentation. Also love the variety in enemy types ( I died in the 4th castle because of the enemies who drop harmful pickups ). Don't really have any complaints and will probably be playing this a lot more lol.

I'm always a fan of your work, and while I feel that King of Machines is my fav of your games, this comes extremely close lol



the Poison Mushroom pickup also killed me plenty during testing, those gold ninjas are bastards

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nice game but I hate that I can't attack them top-down I guess it will be too easy if I can