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The demo is very promising and I'm interested in seeing how this turns out! It reminds me a bit of the Game Boy game Mercenary Force, which is also a top down shooter where you control a group of soldiers in formation and use coins from fallen foes to buy power ups and replacement troops. That sort of gameplay coupled with the historical horror theming gives in a unique vibe and I'm eager to see if fleshed out more.

Grab your torch, pitchfork and best vial of holy water as we journey through unhallowed lands on a witch hunt in 17th century England.

With top down side scrolling shooter action face off against dangerous demon dogs, wiley witches and ghoulish ghosts as you make decisions between what is right and what is easy in branching narrative choices.

Although in a very early demo state 'Hunters Path' shows much promise with a solid foundation of combat and a beautiful pixel art aesthetic.

In terms of development for future builds I would recommend a signature start screen with the name and logo of this wonderful game, voice acting for the narrative sections and a 17th century inspired musical backing track.

However if you're looking for a brutally hard side scrolling witch hunting experience then this is the Itch Dot Io Indie for you


Hi, thanks so much for taking the time to play. Adding some tutorial stuff & gameplay hints right away

There's an updated version (build no. 26) with more tutorial stuff in, some balancing, and overall new stuff if you're interested :)