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HUNTERS' PATH: REBIRTH is an on-foot shooter like Mercenary Force or Outzone or Knightmare, pitting a ragtag but devout squad of Knights, Outlaws, Mages, and Samurai against the evils of a fantasy(?) world full of destroyable scenery...

Vanquish evil and reap the rewards - gold Coins and emerald Gems you can spend to customise your squad.

Knights shoot sword projectiles with the highest damage but short range.

Outlaws fire bullets with unlimited range but weak damage.

Mages fire two angled projectiles to either side.

Samurai shoot multiple short-range shurikens with good damage.

Fight challenging Bosses in each stage!

There might even be a Secret Boss...

Find and unlock alternative Game Modes!

Try to S-Rank every stage!

Play via Keyboard or Gamepad!

Alt + Enter toggles Fullscreen


hunterspathrebirth_release.zip 5 MB

Install instructions

  • Extract all from the .ZIP
  • Run the .EXE


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Fun game nice art style. I'm not very good at this genre of game lol. I did a video.


hi from a deleveloper from another beatiful game i can see the hard work put on it, i hope one day do the same congratulations


great game!!


Really really great game! This is the kind of game I like. Super funny!


I just couldn't, anyway, here. Nice game

Thanks for playing :) it looks like your Rank in the church is getting brought down via using the Holy Water towards the end of the level (the rank system is not exactly the best bit of coding ever, so rank decreases near the end are the most damaging). Taking out the last crossbow cultists without bombing should let you S-Rank it


Aye many thanks, could manage to do it, just not in the end with the true final boss xd, this was a heck of an experience. Good game and retro vibes


So close :D thanks v much for playing, glad you enjoyed it


Needs analog support for left thumbstick. 


Excellent creation in the style of Konami's Knightmare.

At the moment it is one of my favorites of the web.

Great job. Thank you very much.


While I've never been one for bullet hell type games, I really enjoyed this game. 

The style is gorgeous, reminding me of older games in the SNES era. While the pixel art is very nice to look at, it does feel overwhelming at times and can often distract me leading to getting hit. 

I think with how narrow the screen is, the game can feel claustrophobic at times with a full squad. This isn't a bad thing though, it adds a lot to the tension when you reach the last portion of the level and fight the boss. 

Overall, a really fun shoot-them-up game which I'd love to see more of.

I played this as part of a pack of 8 Itch.io games on my Twitch channel.


Good game.

Made a video


Wow...looks great.


A way to change fire from y to z for european keyboard users would be nice.


Holy moly, this is a great game and I felt a lot of efforts are put into this game

(1 edit) (+3)

Great game! Good sprite art and good reference to one of the best MSX games. Good difficulty level and interesting plot. =)


Awesome Halloween themed game! Absolutely loved the retro visuals, sound and music. The gameplay controls are tight and the game itself presents a good challenge. This game offers a ton of replayability as well.

One piece of feedback I have is that it’s kinda tedious to have to go through all the menus again to restart the level after you die. In other words, I wish the “Fight On” option just restarted the level for you while the “Give Up” button takes you back to the menu.

Overall, this was a very fun time! Great work as always! 


Thanks for playing :) glad you had a good time. And I loved your reaction to the twists in the last stage.

Good point about the Game Over menu, it was just something I didn't think to do.

Btw, Pumpkin Mode just replaces the heads of your dudes with pumpkins :) supposed to be a reference to "Big Head Modes" in old games


nice game