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Post-Jam EX Edition:

  • Increased movement speed
  • Slight AI behaviour tweaks
  • Upgrades Menu won't let you made redundant purchases
  • Vertical + diagonal Boost dash
  • Reduced teammate radio chatter in combat situations or on repeated playthroughs
  • Smoother dialogue line-breaking


Lead your down-on-their-luck salvage crew on your latest contract - the drifting derelict wreck of the Nirvana - and discover what secrets it might hold...

  • Stomp around, then use your Booster to slide around!
  • Gather Components to upgrade your squad!
  • Try to overlook when the bad AI gets confused by walls!
  • ???


  • "Smallest Pixel 7" - Sizenko Alexander
  • opengameart.org/users/nene
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
TagsAtmospheric, Character Customization, Exploration, Mechs, Multiple Endings, Pixel Art, Team-Based, upgrades
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


HUNTERS_PostJamEX.zip 5 MB


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Good game. I like it. But there is some bug on screenshot. Robots got stuck when transitioning between screens...



This game is awesome! The teammate AI was pretty simple, which I liked because it made them easier to lead. I loved all the concepts in here and would totally pay for a full version if you ever made one!


Looks good, maybe less dialogue unless it adds to a fuller plot. I feel takes away from the atmosphere of the game, but nice project!


hehe slide + missile = fun


that twist was great! i dont wanna spoil it for anyone but i didnt epxect it


this was a good expirment , i wish if there was more of it or more then 2 ending 

technically I think there are 3 endings :P

Thanks for playing

you welcome , i see i did only found two and im looking forward to play more of your games , thanks for develiping such game


Really great game! I didn't expect the end at all haha 

I was sad because I let red die in the middle of the adventure, but in the end I thought "yeap, my luck I let him die"

The art is amazing too, Great game!


Great jam entry! I ended up enjoying the presence of my crew more than I care to admit, which really came to show after thet wandered directly into an enemy just to explode. Well done!

ally ai is more braindead than milk


True, but it works enough for a jam game


A captain shall not tolerate a mutiny.

And can i forgive myself?

Yes. Yes i can.

Very nice for a gamejam game!
The teammate sounds probably should have been made quieter than the player sounds but otherwise no problems really. Good job.

Still no clue what the teammates were talking about with the "did you hear that?" stuff though.


ah, the "did you hear that?" barks come from when the AI "hears" combat but doesn't have line of sight. Though my implementation was probably a bit rushed and janky, since jam and all :P

Thanks for playing :)


This was an amazingly fun (and surprising) game! What were you inspired by?

I had the idea for this since I saw a Famicase entry - can't remember what it was called, or even what year it was from, but I remember looking at it and the (rough) idea for this game just kinda existed in my head since then. Jam was a good opportunity to make it a reality and have people enjoy it :)

Sounds like you've been at it for a long time... I'm glad you remembered it for this jam!

Gamepad support? Add to steam?

Tipic Epic Childhood Memories Style. Very good! :)

Hi guy (GameSupplyGuy) how can i contact you ? I bought one of your sounds effect assets but I wanted to ask you smth. Contact me at antoninbornecque@gmail.com if you want ! Thx


exchange and choose correctly have an nice day




is my message did say something wrong at you?



relax is my little comment with word random


The controls were not that intuitive at first, but it was fun to figure out things along the way! I think action remapping would really add to this game. I expected a dark / scary game at first, then I was surprised by the lightheartedness of the game, and then came the ending! Interesting story progressing

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The Retro-game art style is perfect. And the best part of the game is that it has a great surprised ending, as well as other creative multi endings in different cases, so I replayed it several times :D

The Gameplay is simple, but mostly enough, especially I like the level design with broken walls and laser checkpoints.

But the move speed of character sucks :( Though the horizontal dash/slide is cool and i love it, it can't be used in the vertical direction. Then the overslow speed of the movement annoyed me, so that I almost lost patience and give up the game :(

There're some other details I think should to be modified: When the team members talk, the game should continue running, not stop frequently. And there's also a bug where players sometimes dash/slide repeatedly at the edge of bounds all the time. It's funny :D

I guess you designer might want to express the connection between player and team members in game,so you put a lot of repetitive dialogs. But I think in some cases it's unnecessary and too much, such as too much "Boss, wait for me! " and some enemy-finding dialogs. It's droll and make me tired, and the most important thing is that it shoundn't stop the game and then I have to press "A" over and over again. 


Really well done, especially that ending!


This game and concept is great! And the ending was VERY unexpected, but very unique and cool!


What a cool game! Movement speed is initially annoying, but the positioning based combat makes it all click together. Great job, and a strong ending!

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Fantastic game with a nice twist at the end =) had a blast! I did switch weapons like an idget not realizing I would have to re-buy the rockets xD keep up the amazing work and left a follow!!!!


Loved your reaction to the final bit :D


There was a tone shift and at first I was like oh? Oh? (In a positive way) then my realization kicked in as to what was happening and was like oooohhhhh lmao


Made a video


<3 I think you experienced the game exactly as I intended, so that makes me happy. Like saying thanks to Rex when he picked up an item :D

(everyone hates Chip, the rest of the crew make him do all their laundry)


I really like the vibe of this game. Having a crew following you around is nice. I was taking care of them until the end. I wish I could dash vertically though.