A downloadable game for Windows


A small, weird Smash TV style shooter made by a painfully mediocre chess player who wanted to shoot the pieces after badly losing.


  • All types of official chess piece, plus some made-up ones
  • Funny stage names
  • Tile breaking, like Battle Network
  • My best GMS2 cutscenes yet
  • References to chess culture, if anyone cares
  • UFO 50 palette

Install instructions

  • Download .ZIP
  • Extract all
  • Run .EXE


ChessIsStupid_release.zip 2 MB

Development log


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there wasn't any king sacrifice  0/10

is this game good: https://linus-tudisco.itch.io/candy-clicker i need feedback

this game is amazing


hold on i think i like where this is going.....


Very fun game! I noticed that if you skip the intro cutscene, the ELO from that moment carries over into the stage - was this intentional?


Nope, just 100% a coding oversight on my part :)


Good game


Amazing! ❤️


looks so good !


nice game! gets boring after a little. needs weapons and a couple more things tho


Very juicy ! Use patterns from pop culture is brilliant !

Will this be on steam


Damn the concept of the game is awesome!


Made a video

it looks good, when i have a pc i play 👺


Amazing game. I love the gameplay.


perfect 10:10


nice concept! i like it!


Super fun game, the difficulty it's in the right spot. Loved the graphics and sound design. Also the little victory jump is super cute :'D

(1 edit) (+1)

Really fun, sounds and looks absolutely stunning. Love how you've made use of the various pieces and even made use of rules like pawns becoming queens and kings castling. All the pieces are pretty unpredictable at times and you've integrated their behaviours from chess well in this game. A very very good twist on bullet hell and twin sticks


Thank you :)

I wasn't sure how to integrate castling at first, but I looked at how the Damned Chessmen in Devil May Cry 3 did it via teleports and just kinda stole that. Worked out okay

Also a fun fact: the rumbling of Rooks/Queens moving was inspired by the last panel of this comic: 


I see what you mean lol. Also, I just noticed the resemblance to the chess enemies in Devil may cry 3 lol. The thought hadn't occured to me before. Anyway, really great game man :)