A downloadable game for Windows


A small, weird Smash TV style shooter made by a painfully mediocre chess player who wanted to shoot the pieces after badly losing.


  • All types of official chess piece, plus some made-up ones
  • Funny stage names
  • Tile breaking, like Battle Network
  • My best GMS2 cutscenes yet
  • References to chess culture, if anyone cares
  • UFO 50 palette
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(59 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker, Adobe Photoshop
TagsChess, mashup, Parody, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Top down shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


ChessIsStupid_release.zip 2 MB

Install instructions

  • Download .ZIP
  • Extract all
  • Run .EXE

Development log


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cool game but i would prefer you use wasd to move and arrows to move


Great game with interesting mechanic and retro vibe. Please make more this stuff, your game made more for me, than simple game. It's missing game from my childhood :) Thank you

Fantastic! Very nice ideas!

If ARCHON is Alpha, this is it`s OMEGA and CHESS is the middle ;)

Good work!

Fun game, beat it. It's quite useful to allow pawns to queen so you can kill them (and earn health). My only real complaint is that it can be very difficult to see if the piece you are damaging is going to attack you (the two types of blinking, and the way they interfere with each other.) You could prioritize the attack animation over the blink animation, or choose a different way to display dealing damage.


it shoul have a way to cure myself


no chess good


You should make this into a couch co-op for up to 4 players and port it to the xbox and switch. Looks really good!


r/anarchychess will love it

Deleted post

awesome, little punishing neat mechanics and everything. Really nice


I liked it a lot! Very entertaining! Congratulations for the creativity.

PS: I'm on the team of those who think chess is stupid hahhah

Gucci Bag, Louis V.

i cant download the file!


Did you try the big Download button?

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yes but the file always says that it is corrupted

:o 2 MB wow

XD the tittle looks like jokes


why can't we claim the game?


super fun, great idea, great revenge on chess which is SO HARD


Absolutely brilliant. The fact the enemy AI is based on their actual intended movements made me grin like an idiot.


Had a great time in this one! Controls were a bit weird, but getting to run around as a little Megaman blowing up chess pieces was fun, and loved that they actually moved the way each chess pieces is supposed to! Hope you enjoy the video! 


as a chess player me can totally relate to this!


nice game


Itch’s official Twitter featured you. btw, sorry, dude, you got the controls wrong. It’s usually WASD to move and arrows to shoot.


Watched a playthrough on YouTube and it seems so great! So much potential in making it a longer and extremely fun game!


really nice, love the graphics!

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there wasn't any king sacrifice  0/10


this game is amazing


hold on i think i like where this is going.....


Very fun game! I noticed that if you skip the intro cutscene, the ELO from that moment carries over into the stage - was this intentional?


Nope, just 100% a coding oversight on my part :)


Good game


Amazing! ❤️


looks so good !



nice game! gets boring after a little. needs weapons and a couple more things tho


Very juicy ! Use patterns from pop culture is brilliant !

Will this be on steam


Damn the concept of the game is awesome!


Made a video

it looks good, when i have a pc i play 👺


Amazing game. I love the gameplay.

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