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Xcellent pinball-breakout mashup!


I love the game is very fun and I love the pixel art style you use is very NES style. 

I would like the game to be longer. 

Thanks :) I'll probably end up making another game in this style, but with all I've learned from the feedback on this one, and playing some actual video pinball in my spare time, etc - keep an eye out

optimize the game for 32 bit pls. (oh and aslo for some reason i made the game run on my 32 bit pc but after i wanted to play it again the game was crashing)

Linux version? Saw a video of it, and it looks cool...if only I could play it.


I enjoyed this a lot. Any plans to expand upon this?


very fun pinball game


Made a video


This was such a fun pinball style game. Great work! 

Thanks for playing, glad you got the hang of it in the end :)