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BOT-BREAK! is a Paddle Pinball arcade-y experience, made for MechJam III, and designed to somewhat resemble a physical electromechanical game - complete with a cute little dot matrix display.

Destroy the enemy Giant Robot one part at a time, dodge Missiles, get a Shield, launch your MechBall from the Railgun, and activate Hyper Mode to button-mash to victory!

Should be pretty bug-free, though it's probably still possible to get infinitely stuck in collision - that should be extremely rare, though...

Install instructions

  • Download .ZIP
  • Extract all
  • Run .EXE


BOTBREAK_MechJam.zip 3 MB
BOTBREAK_sfx.zip 19 MB


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I enjoyed this a lot. Any plans to expand upon this?


very fun pinball game


Made a video


This was such a fun pinball style game. Great work! 

Thanks for playing, glad you got the hang of it in the end :)