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Blade of Batiniyya is a top-down Assassins' Creed style sandbox game, with the intentions of:

  • Giving players a "black box" assassination mission, with no hand-holding
  • Allowing emergent gameplay from systemic design

This is an overhauled version of an old project file of mine that had the bare bones of social stealth and a large crowd simulation. It's now much more fleshed out, and all the pixel art has been updated.


  • Z (keyboard) / A (Gamepad): Confirm (Menu), Assassinate/Lockpick
  • Shift (Keyboard) / B (Gamepad): Cancel (Menu), Run/Parkour
  • X (Keyboard) / X (Gamepad): Throw Coins
  • C (Keyboard) / Y (Gamepad): Smoke Bomb
  • Arrows (Keyboard) / D-Pad (Gamepad): Selection (Menu), Move
  • Escape (Keyboard) / Start (Gamepad): Pause

    Social Stealth System Features:

    • Blending in with crowds allows the player to evade hostiles or even not attract attention in the first place
    • Doing weird stuff like standing still for ages, staring at guards, jiggling around rapidly, or running everywhere will make guards suspicious
    • You can bump into NPCs to pickpocket them, but they will cry out and try to avoid you for being not socially acceptable
    • Coins can be thrown down to temporarily attract nearby citizens, if you need some quick social cover
    • Citizens can flee in panic, spreading the panic to other citizens
    • Guards can share information on a troublesome intruder
    • Dynamic weather system that affects the above systems

    Other Features:

    • Interactive Tutorial (play this first!)
    • Ranking system based on how much of a "blade in the crowd" you are
    • Sandbox-modifying elements "borrowed" from MSGV - e.g. steal food supplies from the enemy's restricted zones to weaken them next time, steal gold to fund the Order of Assassins and have allies provide you with Smoke Bombs next time
    • Run to parkour over waist-high obstacles like tables, as long as you still have stamina
    • Traditional stealth ingredients are still here - e.g. hiding in bushes, making noises on different floor types (Water/Tiles) like the Thief series, making noises by running into pottery and breaking it
    Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
    (4 total ratings)
    GenreAction, Simulation
    Made withGameMaker: Studio, Adobe Photoshop
    TagsDemake, Medieval, Parkour, Period Piece, Sandbox, Stealth, Tactical, Tutorial
    Average sessionAbout a half-hour
    InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
    AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


    BladeOfBatiniyya.zip 3 MB

    Install instructions

    • Download .ZIP file
    • Extract all
    • Run the .EXE


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    I really like the idea and concept of your game and I love all the pixel art that's in it. As far as feedback for you, I would like to see what button controls you should be pressing during the tutorial. I think that would help a lot of people play your game.

    I would also like to see what the perks are of throwing coins in the crowd and collecting the items in the restricted areas. I never felt like I understood why these were in the game. Maybe something else you can add to your tutorial?

    Overall, it was a fun little game! Thank you for posting your creation for others to enjoy :)


    very noice!

    I can see a lot of really cool potential in this


    very delicate game. 10/10 would bump into people

    (1 edit) (+1)

    Very cool game! I love all the different systems and ideas going on in this game. The tutorial was very helpful at learning the controls and mechanics. I love the details in this game such as:

    -Dynamic weather systems give you certain advantages.

    -Running around randomly or acting out of the ordinary can cause suspicions.

    -Different noises generated from different tiles you step on.

    -Treasures and items throughout the city and other members of your guild helping you out by giving you items.

    I do think that some of the mechanics don’t have as much incentive to get used throughout the game enough. Most of the time, it’s very easy to just walk behind your target at the right time and take them out. I never felt the need to use the smoke bomb or pickpocket and the times that I did, it felt like it didn’t do too much or wasn’t as impactful. I think with a bit more refinement in the level design and how enemies patrol and are placed, this could be improved.

    Overall, awesome project! Hope to see more!

    Thanks for trying it out :)