A downloadable game for Windows

ALMACE is pretty much a 16-bit-ish demake of Armored Core 4, I wanted to see if I could capture the breakneck pace of the AC4 PvP matches and Arena fights, as well as find interesting code solutions to managing a number of swappable parts for both Player and AI mechs.

Xbox Controller is recommended for best "game feel" (in my opinion).

Cool Stuff:

  • High-speed combat in a "retro" pseudo-3D fashion
  • Arena mode with levels of AI opponent difficulty & trash-talking enemy pilots
  • Plug in Controller #2 and hit Start, BOOM, Player 2 is now controlling the enemy mech (disclaimer: not tested, I only own 1 xbox controller)
  • Your Team affiliation right at the start affects your mech's stats, as well as what parts you start with
  • Unlock parts in Arena mode, and customize your mech however you want
  • Use Tuning to manually balance various aspects of your mech's performance
  • I finally learned how to code analogue stick input!

Community Thread

Install instructions

Download .ZIP, extract all files, run .EXE.


almace_build01.zip 5 MB


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Do plan to release the game for mac also

Unfortunately I've got no way of testing mac builds