A downloadable game for Windows

Farming Sim X Breakout

Because why not? Bounce your farmer into coins to get some startup capital, bounce 'em to the Seed Shop to buy seeds, then bounce 'em on to soil plots to get planting. Wait until your crops become beautiful huge carrots, and harvest 'em to get paid.

All with a dynamic time-of-day system, for some reason!

Inspired by https://kianamosser.itch.io/pinballgardener.


  • L/R Arrow Keys move your paddles (double tap to Dash)
  • Z to launch farmer
  • Hold C to reset (just in case your farmer gets stuck)
  • Escape to pause/resume


  • L/R D-Pad or Left Stick to move your paddles (double tap D-Pad to Dash)
  • A to launch farmer
  • Hold X to reset (just in case your farmer gets stuck)
  • Start to pause/resume

Install instructions

  • Download .ZIP
  • Extract all files
  • Run .EXE


acrenoid_build.zip 2 MB


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Any chance of adding a full-screen option?

None of the buttons (except escape) worked for me.

Well that's pretty weird. I've tested this on a friend's laptop with no issues, and I have no idea why only one button out of all of 'em would work for you. Did you have any unusual peripherals plugged in or something like that?

No. Just a gamepad.