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This game reminds me of this youtube video

Both are actually a bit similar

that video was a big inspiration :)

Ah okay i see

I still waiiting for rom to emulation in my android device

do you have a browser version of the game?
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Make a ROM of the game?

having a hard time opening could i get help(Yes i made an account just to ask)


This is actually pretty good! I love retro demakes of modern games, and this is one of the best. I am impressed with how much work went into this. It's amazing. Keep it up! 💘


Good Work


I love the font and the artistic style of the game.

you earned my follow


yes thank you i always wanted to play a watch dogs game that my pc can dandle i have watch dogs 2 on my epic games account and now i can finaly play a watch dogs like game that is 2d and i can play on my crappy pc


You simply *must* stop making so many amazing games!

(Also, how do I get in touch with you? Regarding your other games for a thing referenced on my profile!)


Man, indeed a great feature. My congrats, that looks damn amazing. I love modern mechanics in retro-like art games. 


I really like this! The style is great, and there's a surprising amount of content.

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cool remake



seems cool!