Sequel Time?

See for WIP shots etc etc

New stuff currently functional:

  • Stacking cards of the same ID
  • Infinite-use "common action" cards - e.g. move, search, talk, melee attack
  • Persistent weapon skill levels
  • Enemies can hack you & disrupt your UI, you can guard against hacks with cards
  • Enemies can aim, heal, run away, and call for reinforcements
  • Encounters must be cleared by using an Exit, they don't just end because you used a Heal item in front of a weapons dealer etc
  • Stun and Burning status effects
  • Critical hits
  • New art direction involving yellow and instead of simulating a phone interface, it's halfway between Battle Network and a paper card game
  • A cool little stopwatch sound effect for turn changes, like the Cost SFX from Metal Gear Ac!d 2
  • Exotic weapon effects - e.g. a pistol that debuffs Enemy accuracy when it hits 'em, or a shotgun that applies the Hacking effect to machine enemies



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for some reason i reached the skull room (what i thought was the end of the area) but it continues going on endlessly. why is that?