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One of the best games I've discovered in this platform. Brought back a lot of childhood emotions, loving it when characters explain what their moves do, and collecting new items to test them out in battle.

Overall, amazing! My only complaint is that it's too easy- even the post-game challenges are no trouble.

Would highly recommend this to friends, lovely work :)

Thanks for the kind words :)

Which Bumpers did you use against the Champion?

I used God King Gilgamesh, 2 Sturdy Generals, and 1 Brave Banner. Started the fight with a Brave Banner bump to Gilgamesh, then attacked mainly with the God King, letting the Sturdy Generals stay alive as long as they can.


Had fun on the tournament part, but man, the Avenging Ronins are busted. I ran a team of 3 of them with a Banner in oneof the middle spots. By first bumping the Banner against the Ronin on both sides before sacrificing it, I was able to get huge attack values in a few turns and basically sweep everything, with a third Ronbin ready to go (though rarely needed). I still had a lot of fun playing the tournament and am looking forward to being forced to try different strats in roguelike mode.


great game lots of potential, very fun playthrough!


Had a fun time, was wondering if it is possible to acquire gilgamesh? I have acquired all other bumpers and beaten all opponents and scoured the map, with no results.

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You should be able to get 2 of the 3 God Bumpers in any playthrough (Museum after beating all Gauntlets & beating Champion). The 3rd doesn't appear ingame, much like how YuGiOh Sacred Cards (gba) never actually lets the player use The Winged Dragon of Ra (and I never found a good place to put the last God)

Glad you had fun :) What was your team for beating the Champ?


Good to know! Thanks for the timely reply :D

Champ defeat was(if my memory serves me):

Slot 1: Vampire Siren

Slot 2: Backdoor Spider

Slot 3: Soul-Stealing Edge

Slot 4: Avenging Ronin


you didn't


make a 32 bit operating system version PLS

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Done! :)

disclaimer: the music might not be working - had a v strange issue after opening the project in GMS and now the game's music system just does not work, for seemingly no reason


that's strange but still really thank you man. Your games are top tier

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bumpers & broadswords' battle system reminded me of metal walker, except it's more strategic and fun.


Metal Walker was one of the inspirations for this :) so that's good to hear


the other thing it reminds me of is capsule monster chess from yu-gi-oh!


Made a video


I couldn't dream of a sequel to bumpers & broadswords, yet here it is :')


As a fellow Yu-Gi-Oh fan, I was over the moon to see so many cool references! (I especially liked the "digital dummy" line.)

And that battle with the Champ had no right to be this epic. What an awesome game.


what was your squad for beating the Champ?

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Hard Core, Sturdy General, Model 9, and Greater Paladin. I had Magic Mirror for a long while before swapping it with Greater Paladin, though. Also, during the final battle, I was literally one hit away from losing. As I said, extremely epic.