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Idea for a turn-based, menu-driven battle system that's the main mechanical part of something ongoing, drawing tons and tons of inspiration from Ace Combat games, as well as Armored Core 4 and Macross.

  • Scratch Damage Vs Real Damage - like in games such as Resonance of Fate, HP management is more than just taking care of incoming number losses. You and your foes' primary attacks build up potential damage, which is inflicted all at once the next time a heavier weapon connects.
  • Multiple Specialities - for demo purposes, your planes look identical, but have different Special modules. Missiles are basic Real Damage dealers, the Laser is highly accurate but is useless in high-density clouds, and support planes can repair your squadron midair.
  • Weather System - the perfect strategy could be completely thrown off if the weather decides to roll in some heavy cloud cover, rain, or even a thunderstorm. Don't get careless with letting your Scratch Damage build up...

As per usual ;) many things are in an unfinished state - but all battle system stuff should be working and fairly polished.


AirCombatBattleSystem.zip 3 MB

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